ERS Inc has worked with many food companies including Dole. We have worked as a consultant to consultants on refrigeration of a 72,000 ft2 room. Natural Selection in Yuma. Distribution Plus Inc – multiple cold storage distribution centers. Schreiber Foods – world’s largest cheese makers. United Dairymen of Arizona. Shamrock Dairy. G H Dairy in Yuma. Coca-Cola & Pepsi Cola bottling. Holsum Bakery. Santa Rosa Produce. Engine driven Propane two stage systems for a Petrochemical plant. Many air chillers for Union Carbide. Total of 22,000,000 pound pecan storage for FICO. Ice Rinks. Spiral & inline freezers. Supplied refrigeration equipment for many Ice Plants. Red Stripe Brewery-Jamaica. Nestle. 100 tons of fully automatic flake ice per day for concrete cooling for the Government of Mexico. Turbine air inlet cooling – Lincoln Electric 1991.

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